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Month: August 2020

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Pandemics, Covid and Fraud

Legal experts are warning that an onslaught of new cases is inevitable for the Serious Fraud Office amid the coronavirus-prompted recession. “I envisage that much more serious fraud will be uncovered in the next six to 12 months. The SFO will be even more relevant than it has been before, post-pandemic,” says Sam Tate, a […]

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Transfer of Fibres – New Research Published

The presence of fibres on a person or object is a relatively common feature of serious criminal cases, in particular cases of murder or other serious violence. Fibres can be easily transferred, and their presence can indicate a link between people, locations and/or objects. We know that a significant transfer of fibres can take place […]

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Fighting for a Suspended Prison Sentence

Fighting for a Suspended Prison Sentence. In many cases, despite the fact an offence is serious enough for a custodial sentence to be imposed, this can be avoided if the court can be persuaded to suspend the prison sentence. Which length of sentence can be suspended? The sentence must meet these rules: For those aged […]

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Jurors – When They Misbehave

Jurors take an oath to try a case solely on the evidence heard in court, to do otherwise risks a significant miscarriage of justice. At the outset of every criminal trial, and often at frequent points during it, a Judge will remind jurors of this rule. On occasion, however, a juror does transgress, whether by […]

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Corona Virus and Custody Time Limits

Custody time limits dictate the length of time that someone can be held in custody before the start of the trial. These rules are designed to ensure all persons are kept in custody for indefinite periods awaiting trial and impose obligations on the State to ensure courts function correctly. Extending custody time limits: Custody time […]

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