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Month: April 2018

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Will My Name Appear in Newspapers?

If you are over 17 years of age, the easiest answer is that it could. These days, press reporting via social media can happen very quickly and it is often one of the things not thought about by those facing criminal proceedings.   Youth Court Anyone aged 17 or under will generally first appear in […]

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Another Fine Mess

In the crown court, while a fine is not the most common punishment meted out, when they are imposed they tend to be very large.   Do I have to pay the fine all at once? Sometimes a court will order full payment (and may give a period of time for this to be completed), […]

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Sentencing Is Its Own Risky Business – The Hidden Penalty

When clients turn their mind to what punishment they might receive if they plead guilty to, or are convicted of, a criminal offence, in most cases the thought is whether it might be a prison sentence, a community penalty, or a hefty fine. While the substantive penalty is, of course, important, on occasion there are […]

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Did Ant Get Off Lightly?

A lot has been written in recent days about the sentence passed following Ant McPartlin’s (of ‘And and Dec’ fame) conviction for drink driving, in this article, we examine the case in a little more detail.   What offence was he charged with? McPartlin pleaded guilty to an offence of driving with excess alcohol (‘drink […]

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Burglary and Self-Defence

The law of self-defence is again in the spotlight following the case of 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks who was briefly investigated after the fatal stabbing of a burglar who entered his property. Mr Osborn-Brooks woke in the early hours to find two men in his house and stabbed one of the intruders in the upper body, […]

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Do I Need a QC?

We are often asked questions about QCs, most probably because the image of leading barristers has been epitomised over the years in leading television dramas such as Silk and Kavanagh QC, it is therefore not surprising that you may want to discover more and consider whether you ought to instruct a QC to defend your […]

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