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Month: March 2021

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Bite Mark Evidence

What is bite mark evidence? A bite mark is a pattern produced by the indentations of the teeth into any substance capable of being marked. It is argued that a bite mark can be thought of as a tool mark and that they are unique to the individual, like a fingerprint. The way a bite […]

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Line of Duty – The Acronym

Line of Duty – The Acronym. This week saw the new series of the BBC’s Line of Duty hit our screens, with another battle ahead for the police against serious organised crime. For those new to this drama, the first episode may well have been very confusing. The episode was clouded in layers of acronyms that […]

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Good Character as Mitigation

Good character as mitigation. What is good character? As far as the criminal courts are concerned, a person of good character is usually someone without convictions or cautions recorded against them. It is of particular relevance in a trial situation as the court will consider good character in assessing the likelihood of you committing the offence and […]

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GPS Tags on Released Prisoners

GPS tags on released prisoners. The government has announced what it has called a “world-first scheme” to track certain offenders as they are released from prison. The proposal will make those convicted of burglary, theft or robbery wear a GPS tag on release from prison. The scheme follows from the use of sobriety tags, introduced […]

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Deaf Jurors

At the moment, profoundly deaf people rarely sit as jurors. There are strict laws that prevent anyone other than the twelve jurors from entering the deliberation room. This means that a sign language interpreter cannot enter the room. The purpose of the legislation preventing a “13th person” is to prevent any outside influence in the […]

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‘Complex Casework’ – Inside the Crown Prosecution Service

More prosecution casework is carried out locally by prosecutors based in regional hubs. For some cases, the position is entirely different, and a specialised team of prosecutors takes over. Specialist Casework – Criteria The Crown Prosecution Service produces national guidance that specifies the criteria for casework that must be referred to as Complex Casework Units […]

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