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Proceeds Of Crime

How we can help

How we can help

We have particular expertise in representing people facing Confiscation Proceedings before, during and after criminal prosecutions.

Many defendants facing criminal charges have their assets restrained before and during a prosecution. If this happens to you, you need expert advice in challenging and varying Restraint Orders. One size does not and need not fit all.

How we can help

After a conviction, defendants sometimes face Confiscation Proceedings where all of their assets are at risk. If this happens to you we’ll get to work quickly to challenge the Orders and the figures produced the prosecution. We’ll use our knowledge of the law, our expert Barristers, valuers and top quality Forensic Accountants to tailor the order to you.

We do this for our own clients and we are regularly instructed to take over this aspect of a case from other Solicitors.  In fact, many Solicitors themselves instruct us to deal with cases for their clients at the Confiscation stage. That’s how good we are

You might also find yourself facing an unexplained Wealth Order which, if prosecuted successfully, might lead to you losing all your assets. We’re ready to assist in this new and fast developing area of law.

Our Specialist Proceeds Of Crime Lawyer

Lauren Bowkett
Lauren Bowkett

Lauren is an acknowledged expert in confiscation cases under the Proceeds Of Crime Act (POCA)

She can advise you at an early stage so that you can anticipate any issues or complications that might happen further down the road. Her dedicated confiscation unit also handles enforcement cases where there is a problem paying a confiscation order with great skill and success. This often presents additional jail terms for clients.

Her reputation means that many cases are settled before contested hearings because the prosection is aware she speaks with authority on this subject. Get Lauren on your side now.


What our clients say about us

I could not have asked for more. You were brilliant.  You have saved my career.