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Firearms – Doing Nothing is Not an Option

On 20 October 2018 police on uniformed patrol identified a vehicle of interest to them. They followed it for a short distance before causing it to stop. A Mr. Jenkins was the driver and a female, Ms. Price, was in the front passenger seat. On searching the vehicle, a stun gun was found in the […]

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Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill

Following on from the terror attacks at Fishmongers Hall on 29 November 2019 and in Streatham on 2 February 2020 the government has announced the next phase of its tougher approach to terrorism offences. What are the aims of this proposed legislation? The Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill, is designed to further strengthen the approach taken […]

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Speeding and GPS – Does the camera lie?

Peter Marrable was summonsed to court for speeding. The allegation was that he had driven at 72mph in a temporary 50mph zone. The police produced evidence of the speed from a ‘Trucam’ device that was approved, calibrated and operating correctly. Mr Marrable produced evidence from a GPS tracker that was fitted to his company vehicle […]

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“Blackmail” – “…attempted murder of the soul.”

A new series on Netflix, ‘The Stranger’, is receiving rave reviews, with viewers keen to discover the secret being kept from lawyer Adam Price, as the search continues for his missing wife.  There are many sub-plots along the way, including the blackmail of several individuals keen to suppress unsavoury stories making their way into the […]

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End of automatic release for some persons convicted of terrorist offences

On Sunday 1st February 2020 Sudesh Amman wore a fake suicide vest and stabbed two people in Streatham. Amman had only recently been released from a prison sentence imposed for spreading extremist material; he had been released after serving half of his sentence. Usman Khan, one of the London Bridge attackers, had also been released […]

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Money Laundering Update

The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2019 came in to force on 10 January 2020, with the effect of implementing Fifth Money Laundering Directive into UK law. Money laundering is said to be a key enabler of serious and organised crime, which costs the UK at least £37 billion every year, hence why […]

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Covert Filming of Sexual Activity

In 2015 Emily Hunt complained to the police that she had been raped in a hotel room. She had also been filmed, naked and asleep, without her consent. Although she is entitled to anonymity, she waived that right to draw attention to her case. The Crown Prosecution Service did not authorise any charge, either for […]

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Prison Contraband

The government has announced further funding to strengthen security measures at several prisons. The funding will go towards advanced body scan technology, aimed at preventing drugs, weapons, mobile telephones and other prohibited items from entering the prison estate. The scanners were developed specifically for the Prison Service and can produce instant images from inside the […]

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Driving Disqualifications

The Sentencing Council is responsible for issuing guidelines on sentencing for the courts to follow. Guidelines must be followed unless it is in the interests of justice not to do so. New guidelines are now being proposed in respect of disqualifications from driving.   What is being proposed? The guidance mainly relates to cases dealt […]

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Recording and Broadcasting in Court

It has long been a criminal offence to take photographs or make recordings in court; even sketch artists have to sketch from memory rather than while in court.  In 2011 an 85-year-old man was sent to prison for recording court proceedings, and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (commonly known as Tommy Robinson) recently faced contempt of court proceedings […]

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