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Month: July 2019

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Road Safety Review – More New Laws?

The Government has published new plans to make the roads safer for everyone. The plans include several changes for people at every stage of life, and also for more specialised drivers like HGV drivers and motorcycle riders.   Children The Department for Transport has granted funding of £225,000 to Good Egg Safety to develop a […]

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Dirty Money

The Government has published the new Economic Crime Plan for the next three years.  In it, they unveil their strategy for dealing with all types of economic crime, such as money laundering, fraud, market abuse, and bribery.   What is economic crime, and why is it important? Economic crime is wider than financial crime. It […]

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Prison rehabilitation and employment

Recently the government announced incentives for prisoners in custody focussing on positive reinforcements. In doing so, the longer-term aim is to assist rehabilitation and prevent re-offending. A further announcement has been made on the same theme, and this is to assist ex-offenders in obtaining employment by removing the barriers once they have left prison.   […]

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Prisoner Benefits and Incentives

Over the next six months, benefits and incentives for prisoners are undergoing a change.  New rules place emphasis on positive reinforcements – praising prisoners for behaving well – rather than punishment.  The new Policy sets out the rules and guidelines for Governors and Directors of prisons but leaves a lot of freedom for them to […]

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Data Protection – A Shifting Focus

Over the last few years, we have seen many matters that would previously have been prosecuted before the criminal courts, move into the jurisdiction of other bodies. What we see as a result is a range of specialist regulators best placed to react to perceived industry failings, and if necessary, meet out swift and condign […]

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Proceeds of Crime

Proceeds of Crime – when does it all end? We have all read newspaper articles reporting that a drug dealer or fraudster made hundreds of thousands from their offending but was ordered to pay back a much smaller amount. That is not always the end of the matter. What are the proceeds of crime? If […]

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Convicted of a crime you didn’t commit?

Denial and Parole You have been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, your appeals are exhausted, and you serve time in prison. Part way through, you’re eligible for parole. You hope finally to get out and put this behind you. The parole board give you their decision, but parole is refused, seemingly because you […]

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New sentencing guidelines regarded arson and criminal damage

Today the Sentencing Council published new guidelines covering arson and criminal damage of all kinds, as well as threats to destroy property. There were existing guidelines, but they were thought to be very limited and only covered the Magistrates Court, there were no guidelines for the Crown Court, which deals with the more serious offences. […]

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Criminal Compensation Order

The press has recently reported that children who were victims of serious sexual abuse have received paltry sums, £20 for example, as compensation from the courts.  So, what exactly is a criminal compensation order? The court has a duty to consider making a compensation order in any case where personal injury, loss, or damage has […]

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