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Month: June 2021

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Rape review

Rape review. The Government’s End to End Review of the Criminal Justice System Response began in 2019. The purpose was to look at evidence across the system, from reporting rape to the police through to court outcomes, to understand what was happening in cases of adult rape. The issues Although the number of reported cases […]

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Detention of seized cash

Detention of seized cash. HMRC seized £35,000 cash in plastic carrier bags from a Mr Mann as it was suspected he was fraudulently evading excise duty. Boxes of vodka worth around £220,000 had also been found on the premises. Once cash is seized, it can be held for up to 48 hours, after which time an […]

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New proposed sentencing guidelines – burglary

New proposed sentencing guidelines – burglary. The Sentencing Council has announced a consultation on the revision of sentencing guidelines for domestic, non-domestic and aggravated burglary offences. The existing burglary definitive guideline was the second to be developed by the Sentencing Council and came into force in 2012. The proposed guidelines have been developed following an evaluation […]

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Holocaust Denial Legal Review

Holocaust denial. In Israel and some 16 European countries, there is a specific offence of Holocaust denial. Holocaust denial is denying that the genocide of Jews took place by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Deniers will, for example, say that significantly less than the accepted number of Jews died, that the camps were not used […]

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Stalking and Stalking Protection Orders

Stalking and Stalking Protection Orders. A former premier league footballer, Shayne Bradley, pleaded guilty to stalking a former girlfriend. It was said he followed her, watched her house, sent mails and made abusive phone calls. He hid in hedges near her home and set up a fake dating profile to make contact. The conduct was over […]

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