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Animal Welfare Prosecutions

How we can help

How we can help

We are the acknowledged nationwide experts in defending people charged with Animal Welfare offences by the RSPCA.

Wherever you’re based, we’ll take your case and get to work quickly to build your case and identify what defences are open to you. We’ll bring in expert Barristers and get you access to expert forensic Vets and Zoologists.  Cases like these are fought with hard work, commitment and knowledge of animal behaviour.

How we can help

Our Specialist Animal Welfare Prosecutions Lawyer

John Goodwin
John Goodwin

John is one of the very few specialist solicitors in the country able to defend clients being investigated or charged with animal welfare act offences. Typically, such cases are prosecuted by the RSPCA, trading standards or local and country councils.

Investigations under Section 4 and 9 of the Animal Welfare Act are enormously stressful and John can advise on all issues from initial visits and warrant applications all the way through to court proceedings.

John defends those charged and under investigation in relation to major animal seizures. These usually involve large numbers of horses, dogs, cats and even monkeys, goats and reptiles. However, he will represent you no matter how big or small your issue, or how many animals are involved in the charge or investigation.

What our clients say about us

The team are very knowledgeable about animal welfare. They made my options really clear and easy to understand despite the complex case.

I believe that your excellent solicitors, who have done exactly what you said you would do, impeccably.