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Ogarra Cohen Cramer

Month: February 2016

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Is Your Pet Microchipped?

In April 2016, a new legislation will come in to effect. It will become law that all dog owners in England and Scotland will have to have their dog microchipped by the time it is eight weeks old. A recent study commissioned by Pets at Home unveiled that almost three quarters of pet owners are […]

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Joint enterprise law: what is it and why is it controversial?

Today the Supreme Court has ruled that the joint enterprise law has been wrongly interpreted for 30 years. But what is it and why is it controversial? Let us explain a little more…. Joint enterprise cases involve crimes where more than one person takes part. The evidence rules enable those who did not strike the […]

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Right Waste, Right Place

Last month (6 January) the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) launched a year-long campaign ‘Fighting Waste Crime’ to tackle waste crime and will be contributing nearly £50,000 to an initiative raising business awareness of the Duty of Care. The campaign will kick start with phase one, ‘Right Waste, Right Place’ managed by the Environmental […]

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