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Monthly round up of hot topics in May

17th June 2013

As usual, there were lots happening in the criminal defence world and the football industry throughout May which we were discussing with our followers over on Twitter (@OGarras).

Below were the hot topics of conversations that got you guys talking!

As a football agency we’re not only passionate about the game but also about our players. Interacting with them on various levels is an essential part of building those all-important relationships. The post below received a number of retweets sending our congratulations to client George Waring across Twitter.

“Posted by @OGarras
Delighted for George Waring, ex everton striker who today’s signs a 2yr deal at Stoke City FC – well done big man! #efc #scfc #football agency”

Saving our Justice System has been and continues to be in the spotlight following the Ministry of Justice’s plans to make legal aid cuts. As criminal defence lawyers, O’Garra’s fully supports the campaign against this as we believe everyone has the right to a fair trial. As stated in the Telegraph: “The Government says that a fair justice system with “fair outcomes” is essential in our democratic society, and that legal aid is the “hallmark of a fair, open justice system”

Here are some of our posts…

“OGarrasMay 23, 1:56pm via HootSuite
Criminal legal aid cuts double”

“OGarras May 28, 11:45am via HootSuite
Saving our Justice System #Humanrights #SaveUKjustice”

“OGarras May 31, 12:46pm via HootSuite
Survey finds two in three people oppose legal aid cuts #SaveUKjustice #Justicesystem”

If you want to join us and support the campaign against legal aid cuts, here is a link to the e-petition #saveUKjustice

If you want to join in our discussions or you have a comment about the above, connect with us on Twitter @OGarras