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Ogarra Cohen Cramer


John Goodwin and RSPCA Prosecution

25th November 2021

John Goodwin and other members of our team defend those who are charged with Animal Welfare offences by the RSPCA and other private prosecutors.
We constantly challenge the legality of warrants issued to seize animals. We believe the whole system of private prosecutions urgently needs reviewing and that those charged are often treated extremely unfairly. One example is that there are requests for interviews wherein a police enquiry everyone is entitled to free legal representation but in private prosecutions, there is usually no legal aid. That is just one example of many areas which are unfair.
John has made representations to the Parliamentary committee on private prosecutions but there does not seem to be any governmental willingness to address the problems which undoubtedly manifest themselves time and time again. What we are able to do is fight our clients’ corner when cases are brought against them.