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Tougher Sentences For Most Serious Cases of Animal Cruelty Proposed

26th May 2016

diCekCfIRNXncGu-800x450-noPadAnimal charities and many others will welcome new proposals for tougher sentences in animal cruelty cases. But what will happen to those accused?

Last week (19 May 2016), the sentencing council unveiled a new proposal to hand out tougher sentences to those found guilty of the most serious cases of animal cruelty. The aim is to ensure that the most serious cases lead to prison sentences.

This is a timely revelation following recent social media and news outbreaks of animal cruelty of two boys violently hurling their dog down some stairs while filming it and some youths beating ducklings to death in Leeds.

Once in affect, the changes will see the most serious of cases lead to prison sentences.

But the changes will also see fewer cases fall into this category which in turn will reduce the number of serious offenders. What we, and those dealing with the cases find is that most cases of serious neglect are from animal lovers who have not carried out intentional acts of cruelty. They may not have the money for a much needed vet visit or for sorting out the environment in which they are kept etc. This over time leads to the problem getting worse and as such the ‘neglect’ seeming worse.

The council is looking to revise guidelines for 27 ‘varied’ offences which will streamline sentencing and ensure all magistrates use the same approach in ’summary only’ offences.

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