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Motoring Offences

How we can help

How we can help

We defend motorists with all types of offences from Speeding to Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

We have successfully defended cases for people charged with high profile motoring allegations and take a precise and immediate course of action to establish the best defence for our clients.

How we can help

As soon as we take your call, we work out who we need from our panel of experts and we get started on the painstaking independent enquiry into the prosecution case so that when any matters come to Court you may be assured that you are in the safest and most experienced hands. We’ll get Accident Scene Investigators, forensic pathologists and other leading medical professionals to help us help you.

Did you know that we are particularly successful in securing the funding for your defence from your insurers?  We put this down to two things…our reputation and recognised expertise amongst insurers in this field.

So, in many cases, before you even have your first police interview, we’re already building your case and your funding is sorted.

Worried about losing your licence?

Losing your licence can have serious financial and social implications.  If you’re at risk of losing your licence under the totting-up provisions, you’ve come to the right place. We have successfully defended every case like this for the last five years running.

Funding your case

There are many different types of summary only traffic offences and we rarely deal with cases that conclude in one hearing which makes it difficult to provide a definitive timescale. However, in accordance with the SRA price transparency regulations, we will discuss a competitive and affordable pricing structure and payment plan based upon the nature, complexity and location of your case.

Legal Aid may be available for more complex cases, subject to your means. Whatever the circumstances, we will give you clear information when it comes to both timescales and funding when we speak to you.

Our Specialist Motoring Offences Lawyers

Michael O'Garra

Whether you want us to save your driving licence or represent you on an allegation of causing death by dangerous driving, or any other motoring offence, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Michael is as famed for his impressive results as he is for his straight-talking, personable ‘hands-on’ style.

He deals authoritatively and decisively with cases, inspiring confidence and gaining respect from clients, experts, peers and law enforcement professionals.


John Goodwin
John Goodwin

One of John’s specialisms is defending those at risk of losing their driving license under the totting-up provisions. John will explore every available loophole to win your case.

John will travel to any court in the country to represent you and your case.

What our clients say about us

Brilliant couldn’t ask for more.  Thanks very much.  I am very grateful for the way your team handled my case.  You work as a complete team, each one of you is brilliant.

Quality of service – attentive, responsive, honest, clear.

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