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O’Garra’s Implements Crimeline Complete

24th November 2014

As the reader may know, we are experienced specialist criminal defence Solicitors and Advocates. In order to serve our clients better we are forever looking to improve our service and capabilities and, to this end, we have begun to use new software called Crimeline Complete.

Crimeline Complete is a legal knowledge solution and began its service in 2001. It has developed significantly from then. O’Garras personnel can take advantage of a rich depository of legal resources to assist in the service it delivers to its clients.On top of this Crimeline Complete offers courses and continuing professional development to help continually improve standards and knowledge.

This software is updated daily to reflect the latest changes to practice and procedure so this means that O’Garras are fully up to date whenever we engage with our clients. Which means at O’Garras you can be assured of our service, professionalism and commitment at all times.

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