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Monthly round up of hot topics in June

15th July 2013

June was an interesting month in our Motoring Offences and Driving Licence department when the government announced middle-lane drivers could receive on-the-spot fines for lane-hogging. This quickly became one of our top tweet discussions with a number of retweets as the announcement caused a national stir. Have you been caught out?

‏@OGarras ‘We are here for you if you are said to be an anti-social driver! Fixed fines for middle-lane hoggers …’

OGarras ‘Have you been caught out as a middle lane driver? We can help…

June was also the month news broke that police are to pay out to bereaved mum Abby Podmore. This tragic case saw young mum Abby Podmore accused of murdering her son despite him dying of natural causes – not only was she suffering from the loss of her child, she then had a legal battle to deal with. And the stigma that goes with it. Criminal Defence lawyers are here to fight for those accused and we’re glad that justice has been served in this case. We deal with similar cases all the time, so if you’re looking for a criminal defence lawyer, get in touch.

@OGarras ‘Murder arrest mum gets police payout- this is exactly why we are here – helping in such terrible situations#notopct…’

@OGarras ‘West Midlands Police pay out to bereaved mum Abby Podmore’ This is exactly why a good defence team is essential.’

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