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How we can help

How we can help

We’re famed for the way we handle large and complex investigations and cases to achieve the best outcomes nationally.

We work directly with clients but are also instructed by other firms as specialists in this field, so you can be assured when you instruct OGCC Law you are instructing the best.

Our Proceeds of Crime team work alongside the best forensic accountants and selected well-regarded specialists in their field to build the strongest possible defence, reducing benefit figures and ensuring fairer orders in terms of amounts available.

How we can help

Our Specialist Fraud Lawyers

John Goodwin
John Goodwin

John has 40 years of experience representing clients from the beginning of the investigation through to the Magistrates’, Crown Courts and the Court Of Appeal in relation to all types of fraud investigations.

He has represented clients facing multi-million pound fraud investigations. The types of investigations he works on involve Tax Fraud, Long Firm Fraud, Missing Trader (MTIC) Frauds, Carousel Fraud and Pension Liberation Fraud.

His experience extends from local to national and international enquiries, so whatever your case might be, John will have past experience dealing with it.

Michael O'Garra

Over the last 30 years’ Michael has handled some of the country’s most high profile fraud defence cases. These include conspiracy to defraud prosecuted by Serious Fraud Office (SFO), HMRC, CPS Special Case Work, BIS, the DWP, the benefits agency and even OLAF – the financial investigative arm of the EU.

He is a supervisor for the purposes of the specialist fraud panel and is a member of the VHCC cost appeals committee.

Clients are thankful for the way Michael is able to clarify the often extensive and complex cases into identifiable issues and explain them in a straightforward and practical way.

He has particular expertise in recovering cash seizures and contesting and managing restrained assets. So if you are under investigation we can help.

From a lawyer’s point of view, there is no substitute for being involved at the very outset of an investigation, which can take years, to ensure we can obtain the best outcome.

So don’t delay getting in touch.

What our clients say about us

Listened to what I had to say and understood my options. Service was fantastic and would most definitely use in the future.

Quality of service – attentive, responsive, honest, clear.

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