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End Of The Summer Holidays – End Of Your Relationship?

4th September 2014

For many people in the UK it is nearing the end of the summer holidays. Whereas most see the summer holidays as an opportunity to spend time with each other it is, unfortunately, one of the most common times for couples to break up, ranking 5th behind Valentine’s Day (of all things!) and April Fool’s Day.

Whatever the reason and whenever the time, a break up can be very upsetting and complex. When separating most couples tend to want to be fair to the other party and, indeed, Matrimonial Law is supported by points of principle that ultimately boil down to being “being fair”.  Unfortunately, “being fair”. much like beauty, is a notoriously subjective concept.

A Law Commission report, Matrimonial Property, was published recently and was centred around the principle of “being fair” and covered:

  • guidance to help couples assess and agree financial needs;
  • an assessment of the feasibility of using formulae to help agree financial settlements; and
  • ‘qualifying nuptial agreements’ to allow couples to decide how their assets should be shared if they separate
  • Whereas these formulaic solutions provide some of the answers many people can find the process confusing and emotionally distressing. In this case, professional help should be sought to help through what is a difficult situation for many reasons.

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