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Appeal granted for prison law legal aid

10th July 2014

We’re pleased to hear that the fight by two charities campaigning against cuts to prison law legal aid has not been in vain as the Court of Appeal granted permission to appeal the High Court’s rejection of the challenge in March 2014.

Following the lord chancellor’s decision on large cuts to prison law legal aid, including cases involving mother and baby units, The Howard League and the Prisoners’ Advice Service have challenged the verdict with claims that it ‘undermines prisoners’ rights and rehabilitation and end up costing the taxpayer more’.

The campaign argues that the removal of legal aid for a small number of important Parole Board cases and for a range of cases affecting prisoners’ progress through their sentence towards release are unlawful.

At O’Garra’s our service and commitment does not stop at the Courtroom door. We very much support the rights our clients who become prisoners. Which is why fully support the challenge to appeal. If you want advice and representation on prisoners and their rights find out more here.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the Charities’ appeal. If you want to discuss this article further, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Join us on Twitter @OGarras